The Subconscious runs the show Video

Did you know that your subconscious is responsible for around 95-99% of all your thoughts and behavoiurs

We go through life beleiving we are in controll of our lives. It may not be true, that we do have full Read more

The Brain Hack

The Brain Hack

There are many ways in which we can hack our brains to further our positive mindset.

Negativity is Seven times more potent than positivity.

If you shout a loud negative word, it becomes ten times more Read more

The subconscious runs the show

For one moment, let us imagine our brains are like a computer. The job of our consciousness is to Upload information from the outside world.

Consciousness is responsible for Thinking, feeling, analyzing, logical thinking, and making decisions and is Read more

The power of affirmations

The power of affirmations and law of attraction

How do affirmations work effectively?It is often said if you believe in something enough, it will become your reality. It is not enough to have a belief and expect your life Read more