Personalised Subliminals

Why choose a customised subliminal hypnosis audio recording?

What's the beauty of a tailormade coat?
It fits you perfectly and makes you feel fantastic.

What's the beauty of a personalised hypnosis audio?
IIt’s designed specifically to suit you and: 

Your Needs 
 Your Beliefs
Your Situation

Safe and scientifically proven, subliminal hypnosis audios are your path to this season’s hottest ticket – positive thinking!   

Easily identifiable    
Your subconscious mind will find it easier to identify with the positive affirmations designed just for you – they may even address you by name . The easier you identify with and open your mind to the subliminal affirmations, the quicker and longer lasting the results of your new positive thinking mindset and powerful inner change.   
Excellent value   
Unlike our more generic popular subliminal audios, your personalised MP3 recording will be longer (three hours) and even more powerful. Your subliminal hypnosis download (of at least 320 kbps) will always be of the highest quality, for the clearest signal and the best possible subliminal results.   

Unless you prefer a silent subliminal, you can choose the most relaxing background music and most soothing sounds  to complement your positive affirmations. As David’s also a  Reiki Master and EFT Reimprinting Reiki Master and EFT Reimprinting Matrix Practitioner Practitioner , he may also call on his reiki distance healing and EFT tapping therapy skills to help boost your subliminal hypnotherapy experience. This is the ultimate self-help solution. 

Eternal support   
As David cares about your journey to self-development and empowerment, he even offers one-to-one email support  so you can discuss your progression and make the most of your subliminal hypnosis audio experience.

Your seven steps to subliminal 
self-development success


You’ll  email David with details about the 
self-development area you’d like to address. 


David will contact you to arrange a mutually agreed time for an online consultation.


You’ll pay for your subliminal hypnosis audio experience with Subliminals 4U. 


David will carefully craft your positive affirmations.


David will record your subliminal hypnosis audio using top-notch technology and  scientifically proven subliminal stimulation techniques.


David will email you a link to your bespoke subliminal hypnosis MP3 download within 48 hours*. 


You’ll listen to your download nightly (or daily) for at least one month** and reap the rewards!


*We’ll endeavour to have your personalised subliminal audio created within 48 hours. In some instances, and depending on the audio being created, this may take longer.    
**At least one month of nightly listening to your chosen subliminal hypnosis audio recording is recommended to achieve optimum subliminal results. 

Is it time you changed your mind 
and your life?

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