How effective is IEMT

 IEMT is a simple technique that just requires you to think of a troubling emotion or memory,  with a few wiggles of the eyes we can create great change. When I first came across this technique, I was astounded just how easy it was to change troubling emotions. I personally had some very negative memories from the past, IEMT was able to take away the negative emotions attached to my memories. it is very effective with phobias, post traumatic stress, anxiety and much more.


Date stamp

 Normal memories are Date stamped. Every experience  is passed through the Amygdala, one of the oldest parts of the brain, the information is then passed onto the Hippocampus which in turn date stamps the experience and put into the appropiate memory banks. When the experience contains strong emotions, the Hippocampus begins to release lots of chemicals throughout the body to protect it. 

The hippocampus is unable to  date stamp the experience while its dumping life saving chemicals throughout the body.  The traumatic or strong emotion can end up in a state of limbo. A strong emotion without a date stamp can have serious consequences, its very likely that your brain will be very vigilant of anything that reminds itself of the original event. You will be on red alert, and reacte with possible reminders of the original event including the original traumatic emotions.

IEMT Content free

 Unlike lots of talking therapies you will not have to divulge any traumatic or embarresing events. IEMT does not require you to disclose the details of unpleasant past traumas, it also does not require any trance state to work, like hypnosis


 Iemt works very well at intergrating our different identies. When using IEMT we focus on the I, Me, Self, and You. An example of how identies come into  play would be, " I had a cancer patient, who said something like this to me. " I did not realise justhow much cancer would effect me. I guess inside my-self, I knew i'd always be okay,but what really suprised me is just how much cancer changes you I did not realise the effects on me. 

 In this instance Me is affected and shocked. Self is okay, and you changed.

Nicknames / Labels

Throughout our lives we develop our identities, some positive some negative. you may have spent your formative years in a negative environment, and been given labels such as You are stupid,You are usesless. I hate myself, I am no good. I tell my self to be a better person. Why do you always try to hurt me, why does it always happen to me. Nickname such as black sheep of the family, Fatty, Ugly and so on can have a dramatic effect upon the identity of who we think we are. IEMT helps us integrate our different identities in a much more balanced way.

The only real prison is fear. And the only real freedom is freedom from fear.


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