Popular Subliminals

Welcome to our library of popular subliminal hypnosis audio recordings.  

Below you’ll find everything you need to address your goals and the thoughts, fears and habits that are holding you back. Whether you’re looking for an effective weight loss solution powered by healthy eating, you’d like to quit smoking, your self-confidence or immune system needs a boost or you’d like to attract wealth and happiness  – Subliminal 4U’s got the answer.  

Choose from our list of best-selling subliminal hypnosis downloads and start on the ultimate self-help journey. With each recording lasting two hours that you can set to play on a loop, all you need to do is lay back and listen to the relaxing music and/or soothing sounds. For each recording, you have the choice of a silent subliminal, a background of relaxing meditation music or a background of rainfall. Silent subliminals, as the name suggests, feature no audible sound. Although they work in the same way as subliminals with background music or soothing sounds, some light-sleepers find them the easiest and most effective way to listen.  

Beginning with a 5-6-minute spoken hypnotic induction to prepare the brain, positive affirmations will help to reprogramme your thinking in a safe and sustainable way. Although you won’t consciously hear the subliminal messages, they’ll reach your subconscious and encourage the positive thinking you need to change your life. Start your self-development today and reach for health and happiness…