About Subliminal 4U hypnosis audios

About Subliminals 4U hypnosis Audios 

Combining the power of hypnotherapy and audio subliminal messages, Subliminals 4U brings high quality successful subliminal hypnosis audios to the UK. This is an innovative complementary therapy technique that’s scientifically proven to help the body and mind. Read more about subliminal hypnosis.  

We’ll add inaudible positive affirmations, for whatever self-development you want to achieve, to a track of relaxing music and soothing sounds. While your conscious mind won’t hear the subliminal affirmations, your subconscious will. And when your subliminal hypnosis audio recording is listened to regularly (preferably during sleep or meditation), over at least one month, the results can be truly life changing.  

Whether you want a fast and effective weight loss solution, you want to quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle, you want to leave anxiety and negative thoughts in the past, you want to work on your focus and memory skills or you want to beat pain and boost your immune system – Subliminals 4U can help you to help yourself. Safe and restful easy listening, all you’ve got to do is sit back and relax. Let our subliminal hypnosis audio recording do all the work to change your mind so you can change your life.  

About qualified hypnotherapist 

David Carson

“I’m David Carson, Subliminal Hypnotherapist, EFT Reimprinting Matrix Practitioner, Reiki Master and all-round Zen Dog!

With a drive for self-development and a calling to encourage and nurture it in others, I’ll help you to empower your thoughts and improve your life


“Two years. Eight hours a night. 5000+ hours of subliminal programming. Hours of listening to subliminal messages while I sleep has rewired my brain – in not a good way, a GREAT way. Feeling good is now my normal"
– David Carson, Founder of Subliminals 4U. 

Why Choose Subliminals 4U

  • We’re one of the UK’s leading subliminal hypnosis audio providers. 

  • Subliminal hypnosis affirmations can improve your self-development.

  • David is a qualified hypnotherapist and uses subliminal stimulation himself. 

  • Each audio starts with a spoken hypnotic induction to prepare the brain for the subliminal messages. 

  • David, also a Reiki Master, adds his healing energy and passion for positive thinking to each subliminal audio. 

  • Our recordings make the most of a range of subliminal audio technologies and techniques.

  • All audios include isochronic tones for brain entrainment to aid the acceptance of subliminal affirmations. 

  • On all custom personalised audios you can choose from a silent subliminal, a background of relaxing meditation music or a background of soothing sounds.

  • We offer a wide range of best-selling instant subliminal hypnosis downloads for your convenience.

  • David can personalise your subliminal hypnosis audio for optimum results.

  • We have a wealth of testimonials proving subliminal results. ·      With a caring and personal approach, we’re dedicated to customer service.

  • Our subliminal hypnosis audios will help change your life.  

Is it time you changed your mind 
and your life?

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