The power of affirmations

The power of affirmations and law of attraction

How do affirmations work effectively?
It is often said if you believe in something enough, it will become your reality. It is not enough to have a belief and expect your life to change overnight.

What can we do to improve affirmations effectively?

If affirmations are appropriately used, it takes time commitment, physical work, and patience. For example, you may have a set time in the day when you focus on your affirmations.
The idea of positive affirmations becoming hard-wired in your brain involves the sub-conscious mind accepting them. This is when you can come up against your first hurdles.
For the positive affirmations to begin their journey to the sub-conscious, the suggestions must penetrate any old limiting beliefs. The good news is if you throw enough mud on the wall, some of it will stick.

The Solutions
There are other ways to fast-track this process of changing limiting beliefs. Hypnosis is a great tool to quickly access the subconscious mind to re-program those limiting beliefs.
It allows you to communicate directly to the mind’s parts that hold those limiting beliefs and rewrite them.

Subliminal audios do the same thing, typically the positive affirmations are inaudible to the human ear, but your sub-conscious hears the affirmation load and clear, allowing them to overwrite the old limiting beliefs.

Using specific subliminal audio regularly will quickly change your mindset. Typically, it takes up to a month to begin seeing changes in your attitude and feelings. After three months of regular listening, you should notice vast differences in your behavior.

I suggest listening to your subliminal audio at night while you sleep. When the mind is relaxed, it helps the Subliminals filter into the sub-conscious, and of course, while you are sleeping, there are no distractions. It’s a win-win situation.

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