The subconscious runs the show

For one moment, let us imagine our brains are like a computer. The job of our consciousness is to Upload information from the outside world.

Consciousness is responsible for Thinking, feeling, analyzing, logical thinking, and making decisions and is around 10-15% of your conscious capability.

This information is downloaded into the part of the mind, which is known as the sub-conscious.

Your subconscious is responsible for around 90-95% of all your behavior and responsible for most feelings and actions. Everything you have ever experienced is collected in your sub-conscious.


When you first drive a car, everything is new; you must consciously think about changing the gears checking your mirrors, speed, and being aware of other vehicles in your path.

With so many actions going on at once, there is a lot of information to remember.

Your subconscious is just like a sponge; with repetition, It will automatically do all these actions in a short time to help you focus on the road more efficiently.

Your sub-conscious shapes your future; you are responsible for the information you feed it. Some people do not get a good start in life and, as a result, may develop lots of negative patterns and beliefs about themselves.

The sub-conscious will store all this information, and it will influence their life in the future.

This explains why some people have difficulties. There is a sense of powerlessness to change, which is related to old damaging programs working against them in the background.

What can we do about unhelpful negative beliefs? Subliminal affirmations are scientifically proven to help re-write unwanted thoughts.

How do they work?

Subliminal means below the threshold; they are designed not to be audible to the human ear. This helps in bypassing the critical thinking mind allowing the messages to be accepted straight into the sub-conscious.

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