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David Carson of Subliminals 4U offers more than 25 years of skills and experience to match transformative messages with people set on self-development. 

Through the power of subliminal messages in music your subconscious will be naturally rewired to nurture positive thinking.

Step 1

All you need to do is kick back and listen to a piece of relaxing music accompanied by soothing sounds, while the subliminal stimulation works away in the background. You’ll only hear the music and soothing sounds consciously but your subconscious mind will hear the subliminal affirmations, getting the message loud and clear.

Step 2

Best played at bedtime or during meditation, the more consistently and often you listen to your subliminal hypnosis audio, the better the results! 

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subliminal hypnosis audios

Whether you’re looking for one major life-altering transformation or there are several niggling issues you’d like to address, David Carson can create a customised subliminal hypnosis audio solution for you. 

After a short online consultation to discover your needs, he’ll create your personalised subliminal hypnotherapy audio MP3 using the best technology and techniques.

He’ll also add a sprinkle of spiritual finesse to make sure your recording is as holistically healing and positively affirming as possible.


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